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Allow me to introduce our staff. On the right is Roberta "Robin" Shealy. Robin has been in the dry cleaning business for over 20 years and has been with our company over half of those.  On the left is her niece, Jamie Spires, who has been with us 3 years. They are both professional, honest and the friedliest counter help you will ever encounter. We are truely blessed to have them and know you will feel the same once you meet them. We are a small business and consider them family.


I'Using the most modern and effecient dry cleaning machines on the market, we provide the best possible cleaning, matching or exceeding those attained by the full price cleaners. Our spotting service is unmatched. We never upcharge for spotting and if we can't get it out, it probably won't come out.


Utilizing the Unipress Lightning Shirt Press along with the Unipress Cuff and Collar press, we feel our shirt laundering will more than sasisfy our customers. We offer light, medium or heavy starch, all at the same low price. Collars are always scrubbed and other areas of concern addressed. Cracked or missing buttons are always replaced free of charge.


No matter if you like your pants so stiff they stand up on their own or prefer a more relaxed feel, from kakies to jeans, we offer pant laundering with your choice of light, medium or heavy starch with the same low price. 


We know your fine linen and table cloths are important and when you want to present them for that special occasion or dinner, you want them just right. From the cotton table cloths that are laundered and hot head pressed, to the more delicate fabrics that are dry cleaned and steam pressed, we provide the same attention to quality and spot removal.


Whatever your need, be it a single robe or choir robes for the entire church, we can handle you needs. We offer free pick up and delivery for local churches on orders of 20 robes or more and all at the super low price of $2.89 per robe. We understand these robes carry a special meaning and utmost attention and care will be provided while cleaning them.



You wil not find a better price or quality of service for the cleaning of your comforters. Be it a down, cotton, or synthetic comforter, we fast turnaroud and rush service for that unexpected company or that seasonal change in weather. Colors won't fade and they won't bunch up, we gaurantee that.



We undertand many local theater groups opperate under a tight budget and depend on the donations and volunteer services of the local comunity. We aprreciate the need for the arts, and as such offer a special price and pick up and delivery service for all such goups. 


We offer free drop and pick up to all local schools for band uniforms, all at our super low price of $2.89 per piece. We give special attention to removing the dirt and mud kicked up on the uniforms as they march and play in support of their team in sometimes the most unpleasant weather conditions. 


Got somehting special in mind? Give us a call and see if we can help. We have cleaned 12ft

tall Japanese Robes for the Museum and provide 24/7 on call service for Hollywood movie productions in and around the Columbia area. So whatever your need, give us a call and see if we can help.

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